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Our product - Steromask
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Extend the life of your FFP2 and surgical masks

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Germicidal efficiency proven by tests in laboratory

  • 99,99%  inactivation of viruses (including Sars–CoV-2 of COVID-19) 
  • 99,99%  inactivation of bacteria

Ultra fast disinfection

  • Viral and bacteriological disinfection in 1 minute for a surgical mask
  • Viral and bacteriological disinfection in 3 minutes for a FFP2 mask

Easy to use

Automated processing and continuous control of  UV-C dose

Fitted with a patented support specifically designed for an optimal positioning of the mask

  • Suitable for the geometry of each type of masks.
  • Ensures a homogeneous illumination of the entire surface of the masks (interior and exterior) for maximal efficiency.
  • Ensures precise and reproducible positioning in height, width and depth.
  • Ensures adequate tension of the mask surface.
  • Minimizes the size of contact points with elastics.
  • Eliminates any creases for the FFP2 mask and minimizes creases for the surgical mask.


As early as 1903, it was found that irradiation with ultraviolet (UV) light, a form of light invisible to the human eye, effectively inactivates microorganisms.

Once placed in the sterilizer, the mask is subjected to radiation of 254 nanometers (nm), produced by UV-C lamps, which is extremely effective in killing viruses, bacteria, yeasts and molds suspended in the air and water by a physical process of degradation of their nucleic acids.

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  • Masks are exposed to UV-C radiation generated by low pressure lamps.
  • Disinfection against all common viruses (including Sars-CoV-2 of COVID-19), bacterial spores and microorganisms.
  • Disinfecting performances validated by an independent accredited laboratory following the principles of the standard NF ISO 14937-2009
  • Disinfection repeated as much as needed. The number of re-use is determined by the filtration and breathability performances of the mask, and not by the number of disinfection cycles.
  • Disinfection by the user herself/himself without collection circuit.


  • Safe :
    • Disinfection done in complete safety (without exposure to the UV)
    • Process without chemicals (no risk related to hazardous material transport, storage and handling)
    • Residues and wastes free
  • Practical :
    • Disinfection done by the user:The mask stays tightly fit (no leaks on the sides)
    • No need for masks collection
  • Economical :
    • Quick and simple installation without cost
    • Limited operating costs (low electrical consumption and lamps replacement)
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Performances qualification by an independent accredited laboratory :

  • In-depth disinfecting efficiency on FFP2 and surgical masks validated by an independent accredited laboratory following the principles of the standard NF ISO 14937-2009
  • Breathability  and  filtration performances of the FFP2 and surgical masks after 4 cycles of 4 hours of mask’s use  followed each by a disinfection in compliance with NF EN 14683+AC-2019 and NF EN 149+A1-2009 standards.